Fedrigoni 365 2019 — Calendar
Discipline: Print
Client: Fedrigoni UK x TM Studio
Year: 2018
Link(s): fedrigoni365.com

Fedrigoni 365 is a project by design studio TM to commemorate the year 2019 by asking leading UK-based creatives to contribute a piece of work to a design compendium, which takes the form of the Fedrigoni annual Calendar.

I was invited by London based studio TM in July 2018 to take part in the next edition given the day ‘December 9’ to interpret. The result, a single-colour design which will be a part of the 365 page book.During my process of researching the number, I found out many interesting facts not only about its history and cultural representations, but even further signifances or resemblances when the number is repeated (ex: repeated ‘999’ which is meant to signify an angel).

This research influenced the rest of the project, pairing well with my own aesthetic. This year’s book is coming out later this year available to buy on Counterprint Books. It’s a big accomplishment for myself to be involved in a project with many other talented designers and design studios here in the UK.